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Non-Judgement zone photo sessions in a sensory-friendly environment

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You can take a breath and relax –Special Needs Photography really exists!

Special Needs Photography Specialist

We have the patience and understanding that will make your session non-invasive and fun!  Having a child that is on the spectrum has given us the tools to rise above any challenges that might arise and capture moments that no one else could. Special Needs Photography at it’s best!

Sensitive Santa

WESH News article on our annual Sensitive Santa event

Special Needs Photography

There are still plenty of stigmas that surround children with special needs.

Though people are becoming more accepting of differences and disabilities every day, we still seem to have a ways to go until every individual is accepted as the way they were born.

One of the most exemplary outlets for praise and pride is portrait photography.

When families get portraits done of their children, they are showcasing their beauty and their worth in photos that can be shared and celebrated.

These special portrait sessions should be available for every type of family, including those with loved ones who have special needs.

Photography Options

Family Portraits

Serving families of children with special needs

Special Needs

Trained photographer that capture moments of special children through beautiful photography

School Pictures

Available for school picture sessions at any special needs facility

Holiday Pictures

You can finally send out holiday cards!

Families with special needs children and loved ones want to showcase their stories as well as show how beautiful they are.

We are here to provide Photography for all of your needs.